What Does a Search Engine Optimization Specialist Do?

There are a lot of mysteries as to what exactly a search engine optimization specialist does. Given the importance of search engine optimization, this is not a good thing. Thus, let me give you an idea of what optimization entails.

First, a search engine optimization specialist analyzes your site. The specialist is mostly concerned with a few lines of code: the meta-tags, the title, and image tags. They are also interested in the text of the site. He compares the text and the tags, which tells him where he needs to do the most work. Comments are also checked, as some search engines look at those as well as the rest.

The search engine optimization specialist will then revise the code, checking each keyword used to determine if there are more effective substitutes and then changing the text and images to reflect that investigation. He then either submits it to a programmer or uploads it himself.

The easy stuff is over; now begins the real work. He first submits the site to the most used search engines, as well as some of the more obscure sites. He will also submit it to a number of directories, which the search engines are known to rifle through every so often. Also, he submits it to sites of a like mind, so that he can build up the links to site. He will also check out sites that are similar so, compiling a list of sites that allow for links, either because they are mini-directories themselves, or they offer advertising. As he’s doing this, he also notes the page rank of the sites, as a potentially useful site is either of the same page rank or one or two steps higher than the site itself.

It needs to be noted that, while the changes are immediate, the effects may take a few months to manifest. Also, minor tweak are being done all the time a search engines change how they do things, or the site itself updates. My doing this, a search engine optimization specialist can help you build your business. zoekmachineoptimalisatie specialisten

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